• Your subscription takes effect on the day of your registration for a minimum of 3 months. One month’s subscription runs from the day of registration to the same day of the following month and so on.
    Once your subscription is active, our project manager will contact you very quickly to target your specific needs and determine the best strategy before taking action.
    Wannit reserves the right to refuse access to its offer to a professional, if it does not meet the conditions of access (see below) of the offer to which it wishes to subscribe.
    Wannit reserves the right to cancel a subscription, if the subscriber does not meet the conditions of access (see below) of the offer to which it has just subscribed. In this case, Wannit will issue a refund order within 5 days following the day of registration.
    Wannit reserves the right to propose or not, a placement on waiting list, to any professional wishing to benefit from our offer.
    If a professional wishes to take advantage of our offer, but a professional from the SAME sector of activity is already referenced by WANNIT in the same city, the interested party may be offered the following 2 alternatives:
    Registration on the waiting list, until the customer benefiting from our offer in the same city, ends his subscription, or the place becomes available.
    Possibility to take advantage of our innovative referencing system, in a neighboring city, provided that the latter is not already occupied by one of our beneficiaries, from the same sector of activity.

    It is however possible for professionals from DIFFERENT sectors of activity (Plumber, Electrician, Hairdresser, Osteopath, Hypnotherapist, Veterinarian, Restaurant, Gym, Coach, etc…), to take advantage of our innovative referencing system, within the same city!

    Wannit reserves at any time, the right to cancel or discontinue its services to a subscriber, if the latter is no longer able to pay his subscription.


  • Be the only professional in your field of activity and in your city to benefit from our offer.


  • At the end of the 3-month commitment period, the subscriber can decide at any time to end his/her subscription. In this case, the subscription will end at the end of the current period. During this period, the subscriber will continue to enjoy the benefits of the membership.
    In case of termination of the subscription, the subscriber is aware that he/she is giving up his/her place and that this place can then be allocated to another professional in his/her sector of activity, wishing to be listed in this same city.
    If a former subscriber wishes to take advantage of our services again and if he/she is eligible for our offer, he/she will be subject to a minimum 3-month commitment when re-registering.


  • Wannit refuses to practice a policy of « intra-client competition ». We commit ourselves to « Boost » only 1 professional per sector of activity, within the same city.
    Example: Within the same city, only 1 « Plumber » will be able to benefit from our « Google Boost » at the local level. However, it will also be possible for a professional from the same city and from a different sector of activity (e.g.: Nutritionist), to benefit from our offer.
    Please note that our system is largely based on the referencing of keywords related to your activity.
    Depending on your sector of activity, about 80% of the keywords that will be dedicated to you, will allow you to be referenced in a few days, on the 1st page of Google! This percentage concerns the majority of the main terms related to your field of activity and may vary depending on your market.
    Wannit is committed to doing its utmost to ensure that the remaining percentage will also promote the local referencing of your business, over time.
    Wannit is in no way required to offer a right of review to its customers on its operation, its SEO techniques, or any other service offered.

WANNIT! The best solution to boost your business, locally!


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